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Reworked my website

Hello Everyone,

I have recently reworked my website and wanted to share it with you all.


Before anyone makes the comment: Yes it is a flash-only website. I know
there are a few people out there believing one should have a html
option, but I have decided against it. Flash has been around now for 6-7
years and a main staple in cyber land and I accept the risk of a few not
being able to view my site because they are holding out in installing

I actually do have a question for you all about what it means to combine
one's art with one's commercial work on one web site. I have in the
past, kept them separate because I feel when galleries get wind of an
artist trying to make a living offering commercial services, it somehow
makes them less an artist, in the artist community. This is especially
true when it comes to photographers. Of course it's fine once you're
established in both worlds to be seen as both, for example,
artist/fashion photographer, but for some reason when you are starting
out, this can harm you. What you think of this and is it wise to combine
my two worlds together on one site? Oh and I should note, I'm dealing
with the New York City art world reality/environment here, which I think
is why I'm bringing this up.