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Re: Reworked my website

Beautiful site.  Simple, elegant, easy to use, and nice to look at.  I
really enjoyed your daguerrotypes, too.

Flash has pretty much become the de facto standard for interactive web
design.  I see no reason not to use it any more.  Gotta keep up with the

As far as mixing commercial and art work, I personally am not a fan.  I
can't speak for galleries and the like, but generally speaking, if I'm
looking at art, I don't want to see commercial work, and vice versa.  I
think mixing art and commercial tends clog up the website, and one or the
other becomes useless to the viewers.  On the other hand, the way you've
designed your site solves the clogging factor nicely.  So I guess my
opinion on that is generally don't mix them, but it's not necessarily a
bad thing.

I need to get my act together and re-desing my website...

Camden Hardy