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Re: Banding on Pictorico with Epson 2200


I know Mark himself has made some rather exquisite prints with the R1800. 
Dick Arentz also has the R1800 and it seems to be working very well for

I had the pleasure of seeing prints from both of these guys in August. 
The print quality was astounding.

Camden Hardy


On Tue, October 31, 2006 7:46 am, Sandy King wrote:
> Mark,
> Do you know of anyone making good digial negatives with the R1800. I
> bought one of these printers a year or so ago but returned it
> because, 1) the pigmented set produced low transmission density in UV
> in the green, and 2) it caused pizza wheel marks on the OHP
> materials. Otherwise, the image was very smooth and sharpt,
> noticeably more so than with the 2200.
> Sandy
> At 2:00 AM -0500 10/31/06, Ender100@aol.com wrote:
>>You are unlikely to see it (Venetian Blinds) in a regular inkjet
>>print because it is so subtle and occurs in the shadows of the
>>inkjet print...however, it's those shadows of the inkjet negative
>>that make the highlights of a PT/PD print and there they rig their
>>ugly head. Less so with the R2400 than the 2200 and non-existent on
>>the R1800.
>>Mark Nelson
>><http://www.precisiondigitalnegatives.com/>Precision Digital Negatives
>>In a message dated 10/30/06 7:12:29 PM, camden@hardyphotography.net
>> writes:
>>>>  But, it must be a media problem
>>>>  since I can print the same negative on paper with no sign of banding.
>>>>  For gum you might want to consider printing on paper for your
>>>>  negatives.
>>>Interesting.  It makes sense (in a weird sort of way) that the banding
>>>doesn't occur on paper, since it's not a problem you normally see in a
>>>digital print.
>>>Maybe that's the answer to the venetian blinds though...paper negatives!
>>>  :)
>>>I'm reluctant to conclude it's a media problem, although it's obviously
>>>affected by the media.  I'm curious if anyone's had these banding
>>> problems
>>>with different OHP substrates (other than Pictorico).  Anyone?
>>>Camden Hardy