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Re: Banding on Pictorico with Epson 2200

Camden Hardy escribió:

But, it must be a media problem
since I can print the same negative on paper with no sign of banding.
For gum you might want to consider printing on paper for your
Interesting. It makes sense (in a weird sort of way) that the banding
doesn't occur on paper, since it's not a problem you normally see in a
digital print.

Maybe that's the answer to the venetian blinds though...paper negatives! :)

I'm reluctant to conclude it's a media problem, although it's obviously
affected by the media. I'm curious if anyone's had these banding problems
with different OHP substrates (other than Pictorico). Anyone?

Camden Hardy


Hi all I also have the same problem, sometimes, with my Epson R-800 and transparent material 3M. CG3420. Greetings from Spain.