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RE: Banding w/ 2200 + thanks for the Biennial

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  • Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 09:06:21 +0200
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Hi again Keith,

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Subject: RE: Banding w/ 2200 + thanks for the Biennial

KG>"...Please keep a fire under those gum workshop participants.  I
expect to see complete portfolios when I return!"<

You bet I'll do that... :) I'm opting on using imagesetter negatives
(since they're so cheap here and not every student has a suitable inkjet
printer). Have you tried the sample neg I gave you?

KG>"...I'm glad you are having luck with the new primer option.  I found
that using
Yupo I was able to use far less gelatin/CaCO3 than I previously thought,
then again before I was only coating aluminum and needed a brighter
I'm still not very fond of the slick look of Yupo..."<

Yupo is just fine for my current purposes. BTW, I noticed if you force
dry the primer you'll get nice cracked texture! (Do you read this
Camden?) I will just add sugar (as in making Carbon Tissue) to get a
more flexible primer layer (= no cracks).

I found a source for aluminum and will definitely try it. Price is $20
for a sheet sized 39"x78" (100cmx200cm), thickness = 20mils (0.02" /
0.5mm) - that makes $2 per 15.6"x19.5" (40cmx50cm) sized sheet. The
material is considerably thicker than yours. I plan to print on then and
then put plexiglass in front of the images (using UV curing glue - just
like Michal Macku had done with his multi-layer gellages on glass). That
would be very neat. My understanding is that this is the current fashion
of presenting photographs as I just observed in works of other Biennial
participants such as Gueorgui Pinkhassov, David Bate and Laura
Padgett... I guess they call it "Diasec" - anyone with some info about
this mounting technique?

KG>"I'm still undecided on the inkjet option.  I'm looking around for a
throw-away printer so I can test it with cheap ink and paper.  I figure
print size isn't all that important because I can just tape the paper
together to get the big negatives I like.  On the other hand, I was just
given several large rolls of 30 year-old lith film AND winter is upon
us, so
another couple of months spent in the darkroom is likely in my future."<

A new 1280 with 3rd party inks (and maybe using a bottle vacuum feeding
system - CIS) can be the most cost effective method of making digital
negatives using inkjet printer. Bigger print size will make your like
easier (less paper to tape)...

KG>"Next week I try CURVES with film recorder positives enlarges to lith
Now, I'm preparing for a meze/raki party this weekend.  I'm even making
manti!  I realize manti is not really meze, but I had to figure out
something to do with the bag of sumac that I brought back stashed in my
amongst the powdered gum and sodium metabisulphate.  My only regret is
I didn't bring home a nargile setup.  Those things are more expensive
than I had imagined!"

Wow, what kinds of meze you can find there in Chicago? Manti? Can you
also find this also in Chicago? It's nice to live in a big city :)
Nargile is not cheap, but it's not expensive too - I got mine for $75.
How that compares to the prices they've mentioned to you?

Best regards,