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VDB On Papyrus

This is a followup to the notion that the cyanotype color looked very nice against papyrus, and what would a vandyke look like?

Well, here's a test I did. It was on a half sheet of not very nice papyrus, and furthermore in an apparent attempt to win this award for crappiest technique everybody seems to be contending for I forgot about it in the water bath. It sat there for at least an hour or two. Got very thick, took days to dry, and I think bled a bit although the sheet was already fairly dark. So to photograph it I put it on top of a fresh sheet just for color comparison.

One issue I had is that on my first try (this is the second) it was fairly difficult to get a good coat because the solution color and the papyrus color are fairly similar and it's hard to tell if you have good coverage. It also slurped up the fluid quickly and the first few strokes had much more density than the rest. This one is the result of using lots of fluid and double coating. Even so... if you spot some weird density change in a couple places in the image, that's what's going on.

One final disclaimer - there's nudity, you might not want to open this in front of your boss.


Just looking at the color (which was the point of this whole exercise) I think it's nice enough but the cyanotype just has that extra something. So between that and the coating issues I'm going to focus on cyanotype when I give this another shot, perhaps in a week or two.