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Re: VDB On Papyrus


Thanks for sharing.  You're right about the color; it's kind of...blah. 
Cyanotype seems to be the way to go, since there's not a whole lot of
contrast between the VDB image and the background.  I had the same problem
with pt/pd, but not quite to that extent...which is why I only posted the
silhouette image.  :)

I also had problems coating, since pt/pd emulsions are that wonderful
orange color.  I had to work fast, because it got to the point where I was
relying entirely on the reflection of the wet coating to see what still
needed to be covered.

One thing I do really like about the VDB that didn't happen with my pt/pd
prints (as far as I can tell from a digital capture) is the coating
"irregularities", for lack of a better word.  The texture of the papyrus
really shows through the VDB, whereas with pt/pd it didn't.  This gets a
little distracting in the shadows, but I really like it in the midtones.

Let me know when you get some more cyanotypes done, because I'd love to
see them.

Camden Hardy


On Wed, November 1, 2006 4:22 pm, Doug Wade wrote:
> This is a followup to the notion that the cyanotype color looked very
> nice against papyrus, and what would a vandyke look like?
> Well, here's a test I did.  It was on a half sheet of not very nice
> papyrus, and furthermore in an apparent attempt to win this award for
> crappiest technique everybody seems to be contending for I forgot
> about it in the water bath.  It sat there for at least an hour or two.
>   Got very thick, took days to dry, and I think bled a bit although
> the sheet was already fairly dark.  So to photograph it I put it on
> top of a fresh sheet just for color comparison.
> One issue I had is that on my first try (this is the second) it was
> fairly difficult to get a good coat because the solution color and the
> papyrus color are fairly similar and it's hard to tell if you have
> good coverage.  It also slurped up the fluid quickly and the first few
> strokes had much more density than the rest.  This one is the result
> of using lots of fluid and double coating.  Even so... if you spot
> some weird density change in a couple places in the image, that's
> what's going on.
> One final disclaimer - there's nudity, you might not want to open this
> in front of your boss.
> http://www.san-francisco-nudes.com/blogpics/vdbpap1.jpg
> Just looking at the color (which was the point of this whole exercise)
> I think it's nice enough but the cyanotype just has that extra
> something.  So between that and the coating issues I'm going to focus
> on cyanotype when I give this another shot, perhaps in a week or two.
> Doug

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