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RE: Banding w/ 2200 + thanks for the Biennial

Oh, I see... silly me :) I must admit I'm very fond of Ouzo (especially
the ones made in Lesbos -> specifically Varvayiannis) and I would never
call it "cheap" ;)

The imagesetter negative I gave you was printed @ 3600 dpi using a 225
lpi screen resolution (45 degrees elliptical dot).

Best regards, I wish you success in making your own meze :)

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Stores?  I'm an ALT-PROCESS guy!!!  We don't need no steenking STORES!
I'm making this stuff myself - from scratch - using recipes I've found
here and there.  I'm even making Lahmacun.  As for ingredients?  That's
what I did at the Spice Market: sumac, pepper, etc.  Most of the other
stuff is easily obtainable, and for the raki?  I'm going to keep
refilling a small Yeni Raki bottle (swiped on the plane!)  with cheap
Greek ouzo.  Nobody will be the wiser.  ;-)

I haven't tried the imagesetter neg yet.  Next week.  What resolution
did you say that sample was made at?