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RE: Ferric Oxalate or Ferric Ammonium Oxalate

Hi Eric,

I haven't done prints with FO other than few Kallitype tests so I can't
share personal experience w/ it as a sensitizer for Pt/Pd salts but I'm
quite sure that my prints don't exhibit any haze and/or highlight
fogging and/or low contrast. Probably yours is a paper/clearing and/or
negative DR problem - my usual coating mix gives me 29 steps in the
31-step tablet for instance (in other words my usual negative DR is log

I'm currently using the same AFO sensitizer that I mixed about 10 months
ago and it still works well without any fogging and/or speed change or
other negative effect. IME AFO is quite stable even when in solution -
you can almost think that it keeps indefinitely "especially when
compared to FO".


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Sandy, Yes the AFO is indeed a much better defined chemical than the FO,
which can vary all over the place. POP pt/pd prints can most certainly
be made. One thing that I seemed to see in prints made from negs that
print well with FO when using AFO, are prints that look a little hazy.
That might be OK, if you were making prints of foggy or moody scenes but
for crisp images, not so hot. It may also be a paper pH issue, where
what works for FO will react differently for AFO prints. It does have a
shelf life after mixing but last at least as long as FO if not twice as