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RE: Uranium Nitrate (uranyl nitrate) - Australian source


Thanks for the info. If there is that much uranium in the creek water the crocodiles
should be about the size of houses at least accordinding to all those Sci Fi movies from the
1950s. ;-)
I would encourage you tp try uranotypes. You would also find uranium toning of silver prints interesting.

Best wishes,

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Subject: Uranium Nitrate (uranyl nitrate) - Australian source
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2006 09:19:01 +1030

For fellow Aussies on the list Uranyl Nitrate can be sourced from Vanbar
(www.http://www.vanbar.com.au/catalogue/index.php then LHS menu

The pricing for this is:
Photochem Uranyl Nitrate 10 gm
(Ref No: 05561-0010)   AUD Inc. Tax: $50.16    AUD Ex. Tax: $45.60
Export: USD 34.52

While they list an export price I would love to hear what happens when
someone actually tries to place an export order.

Alternatively if you live where I do (Townsville, far north Queensland)
you can always go to the nearby non-operational 'Ben Lomond' uranium
mine and collect your own. If uranotypes are too much trouble just
collect creek water near the mine to use as a print intensifier. Just be
careful of the crocodiles and remember to wear gloves ;-)

I'd previously seen your uranium article on Unblinking Eye and would
like to try the process at some stage.
I'll have to make a trip up to the mine soon. Next birthday I'll have to
ask for some lead underwear.

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About once a month I get people writing to me who want to make
uranotypes (uranium prints) and want to know where they can get uranium
nitrate.  They write to me because I have various articles published on
the web on how to make uranotypes. I would like to help these people but
I honestly do not know where to get this chemical compound.

Therefore, I appeal to the list. Do any of you have any uranium nitrate
that you would be willing to donate or sell to  me. so that I can
redistribute it to these people. Also, does anyone know of a source of
uranium nitrate?  It is in the form of yellow crystals which are highly
soluable in water.

Thanks for any help.

Bob Schramm

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