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RE: OT: corrupted .NEF files

Hey Keith,

I've done a good bit of digital capture over the past six years and the 
one and only time I had a card problem was when I ejected a card from a 
little pocket camera white it was still turned on. D'oh! Even then, 
recovery software easily snagged all the images so no big deal.

Canon has been criticized because of their "feature" that turns the card 
power off when you open the card access door. Some shooters don't like 
this because, if they have shot a long burst, any images still spooling 
to the card will be dumped when the door is opened. Personally, I think 
it's a nice safety feature, though I might feel differently were I a 
sports shooter.

Oh, remember the experts warn you to offload your images to your 
computer before going to work on them. Apparently you are tempting the 
corruption gods if you work off the card itself.

Hope this helps!


Keith Gerling wrote on 11/8/06, 11:50 AM:

 > Maybe I'm just a little paranoid right now, BUT - in my search for
 > applications to recover image files I encountered many tools that were
 > created for the purpose of recovering corrupted data on Compact Flash
 > cards.
 > Apparently there are problems in that area as well.  So back-up, back-up
 > often, and use multiple devices.  That is the way to go.