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RE: OT: corrupted .NEF files

> I've done a good bit of digital capture over the past six years and the
> one and only time I had a card problem was when I ejected a card from a
> little pocket camera white it was still turned on. D'oh! Even then,
> recovery software easily snagged all the images so no big deal.

I'll second that.  CF has been extremely stable for me.

> Canon has been criticized because of their "feature" that turns the card
> power off when you open the card access door. Some shooters don't like
> this because, if they have shot a long burst, any images still spooling
> to the card will be dumped when the door is opened. Personally, I think
> it's a nice safety feature, though I might feel differently were I a
> sports shooter.

Who in their right mind would try to change the card while it's still
spooling anyway?  I mean, we're only talking about a matter of seconds.  I
think it's a great feature.

> Oh, remember the experts warn you to offload your images to your
> computer before going to work on them. Apparently you are tempting the
> corruption gods if you work off the card itself.

I tend to disagree here.  When hooked up to a computer, CF cards are
essentially no different than those USB memory sticks you can buy
anywhere.  When modifying data on a card, you are just as likely to have
data corruption as with a removable hard drive (maybe that's what the
experts are implying), but that's due to the problems I mentioned before
(i.e. removing the device while it's being written to, inherent flaws in
the fat16/32 filesystems, etc.).

Camden Hardy