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Re: Mike Ware's POP Pt./Pd. Pt

Quoting Jordan Wosnick <jwosnick@fastmail.fm>:

For someone beginning Pt/Pd printing (but with experience doing
Vandykes and cyanotypes), would you all recommend the Mike Ware
(ammonium ferrioxalate) method or the "traditional" (ferric oxalate)
method? Is Ware's method cheaper than the "traditional" method?
To throw a curve into things, coming from the same background I found Ziatypes very easy and very attractive. My first print was a ChartThrob test chart, this one was the second: http://www.eljay.org/ebay/IMG_1606.jpg

I've made all of a dozen prints with it so far, and I haven't tried traditional yet (that's next on my list) but I think it's worth considering. The kit at B&S is relatively cheap - I think it was $85 for a kit that will make 25-30 8x10 prints.