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Re: where can I get a dumb photoshop question answered?

> Ryberg, in  order for an action to work you have to
> point it to an specific location somewhere in your
> harddrive so you must Batch the action  and point it
> to a folder (file-automate-batch)or open the images
> that you want to  apply the action to and apply it one
> by one.

Not necessarily.  This would only apply to running the batch command, not
just using an action.

To answer your question, Charles, it depends greatly on what's in the
action.  If there's any sort of layer transforming going on (or something
similar), the selected layer (or if there's only one layer it would be
your background layer) needs to be unlocked.  The background layer is
locked by default, but if you double-click the layer's icon in the layers
palette, a window will pop up asking what to name it.  Simply click "OK",
and try your action again.

I hope this helps.  If this doesn't work for you, please describe exactly
what the action does and I (we) will be able to help out a little more. 
I'd be happy to help you off-list too, if need be.

Camden Hardy