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RE: George Eastman House grant

	Congratulations of your grant.  The IMP @ GEH is a wonderful
resource.  Don't forget to try to see their cinema archive if you have the
chance.  I went to RIT so I know that you will need to dress VERY warmly but
you are from MT so you will know that.  You may even experience the Mid
January thaw where the temperature goes up to a tropical 35 F from its usual
hovering around zero! After you visit there you will know why I moved to
	RIT is rather overwhelming when it comes to photo education.  I
don't know how much Alt Photo they are doing...do you want me to inquire? 
	Speaking of retreats, there is a Zen Center nearby.  They put it
there because, for 9 months of the year due to the foul weather, there are
VERY few distractions from your meditations! 

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Dear All,
I received some great news this week; I was awarded a grant to fly to 
Rochester and spend a week or two at the George Eastman House researching 
gum printing. It is such a wonderful feeling when your university believes 
in what you are doing!  Especially since I am in the arts and not in the 
field of science, where the usual funding money flows to (MSU reached the 
100 million mark this year).

Since I teach a full load next semester, Tom and I will probably fly in 
there the first week of January, if all goes according to plan.  Is there 
anyone on the list who lives there/any alt group who will be having a 
meeting there at that time? I know this is doubtful, right after the 
holidays, but it'd be great to get together an alt list group! Daytime I 
will be busy at the library, but it closes at 5:00.

I figured since RIT is in the area, there have got to be some great photo 
things going on.  And I assume Toronto is close by?  Close by Montana 
standards, anyway--maybe 3 hours?  I don't know if a rental car can be taken

across the border, though.

One more question:  anyone on the list doing/wanting to do German 
translation, could you email me **offlist**? My translator had a baby.
PS My husband doesn't quite put this trip into the "wonderful vacation" 
category--no palm trees, more snow there than in MT but we're not skiing, 
etc.etc. heheheh--I think I'll bill it as a "retreat".

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