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Podcast, anyone...? (was Re: alt video)

I have yet to see a consistent source of alt process related videos on the
web (or anywhere, for that matter).  The few videos I've actually seen
have been all by themselves, and were either emailed to me or by some
fluke stumbled upon.  It's too bad; alternative processes (for me, at
least) are much better learned visually.

Why not?  That's a very good question.  I don't have an answer to that,
but I have a possible solution.

I'm not sure how many of you use iTunes (available for Windows as well as
Mac), but in recent months Apple has started a craze called Podcasting. 
Podcasts are, to quote Apple's website, a form of radio and/or tv
broadcasting: "Podcasting is a way of publishing podcasts to the web,
allowing people to subscribe to a podcast and receive new ”episodes”

Podcasts can be subscribed to via iTunes, which means that whenever
there's a new one available, it's automatically downloaded.  More
information can be found here:

I think this list could gather a great wealth of information in a library
of podcasts.  Everyone's got something to contribute, and I'm sure
everyone could benefit greatly from watching each other work.

If anyone's interested, I'd be happy to handle the technical aspects of
managing an alt process podcast (setting up and managing the podcast,
uploading video/audio, etc.).  All I'd need from list members is content. 
This can be either in the form of video or audio files.

On that note, anyone interested in learning Photoshop can find some really
good podcasts in the iTunes store (don't worry, they're free).  I
recommend Photoshop Workbench, Photoshop TV, and Adobe Creative Suite
Video Podcast (this one's more of a general CS/CS2 podcast, but has some
great Photoshop episodes).

Camden Hardy


On Wed, November 15, 2006 1:19 am, David Moenk wrote:
> I've been lurking here learning from you all for awhile now, and getting
> my darkroom set up to try gum and platinum. A great wealth of knowledge
> here.
>   Since my background is film and video production, I've often wondered if
> there are any instructional videos dealing with alt processes. And if
> so, where can I find them. If not, then why not?
>   David

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