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more on spot-tone

Sorry that, as Ann pointed out to me, Spot-Tone ended production because the owner/founder passed away...I hope that you'll all understand that my remark about it being made redundant because of Photoshop was made sarcastically.

But I was curious about why the original poster felt that the Marshall's product was inferior to Spot-Tone.  It looks to me as if the Marshall's retouch fluids are being marketed by Brandess, who made me happy by taking over the marketing of the Photo Oils and a few other products that might have fallen by the wayside.  What characteristics are the Marshall's Spot-All colors displayig that makes the results different from original Spot-Tone?

Back in the mid-seventies I worked for an art supply company and we were one of the last remaining sources for retouching colors that were called "Maribou", if my memory serves me correctly.  We had a couple of heavy duty photo retouchers here in Chciago who swore by them and were really ticked off to see them discontinued.  Maribou was, I think, made by Pelikan back then and was a system of dry tablets like gouache that you touched a wet brush to and then spotted the print.

Just to say that "...all things must pass..."....not that that's a good thing.