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On Thu, 16 Nov 2006, Venkatram Iyer wrote:


Will the extended version of Sarah Van Keuren's manual, which you say is upcoming in Photo Review, a new edition of the the earlier publication?
I would like to acquire a copy and would like to get her latest.
Hi Rajul et al...

What's upcoming is an extended version of the *review* of Sarah's manual's 3rd edition, review appearing originally in Post-Factory #9 -- written in spring 2004 (the review, not the manual).

Is that perfectly clear? The manual is up to, if memory serves, the 6th edition now, tho I don't know how much changed. It figures that each time Sarah runs out of books (which seems to be relatively often -- it's sold in several places) and orders a new batch there are tweaks, even additions of various kinds, but not necessarily enough changed to obsolete an earlier but relatively recent edition (like the Britannica, which remains good in many past editions). Am I still perfectly clear? Meanwhile, the third edition was greatly advanced over the 2nd, and my review was as close to a rave as a crabby old babe such as moi can get away with.

So if you have the manual you might or might not need the newest, depending on which you have. But if you have none (not clear from your note), you owe it to yourself..... But I'll see if I have any info on the latest changes...


Thanks for any elaboration.  Rajul