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Re: Alt photo Podcast


I second Charles' view. I am not familiar with podcasts and whatever that entails. But if what you are proposing to set up will disseminate knowledge and foster advances in alt processes, I would be willing to learn.

Besides bringing you satisfaction, your investment in time and effort will be widely appreciated.


On 19-Nov-06, at 7:51 PM, ryberg wrote:

OK, so I'm not up to date. I know a podcast is something that shows video on---what? an Ipod? Any computer? Are there a dozen different formats or??
So, what I'm asking is, will anything you set up be accessible by any reasonably up-to-date computer user or only to bleeding edge users? If most of us can view them, go for it, by all means. If it is going to be usable only by those who have tomorrow's equipment, do it only if it brings you pleasure.
Charles Portland OR