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RE: palladium sensitizer question

But even if it's non-iodized, doesn't ordinary table salt contain some
other compounds for making it better flowing (anti-lump agents)? I would
use pure sodium chloride (quite cheap). Since Clay and Eric suggest
non-iodized table salt, that means either a) trace amount of other
compounds doesn't harm b) non-iodized table salt sold in the States
doesn't contain any alien compounds - like anti-lump agents.



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Yes. Non-iodized Morton's salt. It is easy.

On Nov 26, 2006, at 5:24 PM, Tom Hawkins wrote:


I would like to prepare my own 'Standard Palladium Solution No.3'.

Sullivan and Weese (in the 'New Platinum Print') give the followiing

palladium chloride              2.3 gm
sodium chloride                  2.0 gm
water to make                   25 ml

My question is : just good old noniodized table salt?