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Liquid Emulsion - Air Bubbles

I don't know how many others out there are toiling with liquid emulsion, but I am having a terrible time with air bubbles.  I am mindful of all the usual advice --  pour the emulsion like one pours beer, never shake the bottle, don't brush too vigorously, etc -- but I continue to be plagued with bubbles.  I have ordered the Richeson brush -- thank you Mark for explaining why it is so magical -- and maybe that will help, but right now I am feeling extremely frustrated.  I have tried squashing the bubbles with a brush or with a glass rod coated with emulsion, and both seem to flaw the coating in one way or other.  I have consulted the Silver Emulsion bible (by Martin Reed) and experimented with adding a few drops of glycerin and also alcohol (Everclear) but neither seems to make much difference. 
Any other advice, please?
Rita B