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Re: Liquid Emulsion - Air Bubbles

On Tue, 28 Nov 2006, Ritab19106@aol.com wrote:

I don't know how many others out there are toiling with liquid emulsion,  but
I am having a terrible time with air bubbles.  I am mindful of all the  usual
advice --  pour the emulsion like one pours beer, never shake the  bottle,
don't brush too vigorously, etc -- but I continue to be plagued with  bubbles.
I have ordered the Richeson brush -- thank you Mark for  explaining why it is
so magical -- and maybe that will help, but right now I am  feeling extremely

Rita, I have no idea is this would help or if others have tried it, but I've found the Kremer anti-foam solution so magical with gelatin size it comes to mind for this, which is probably on a gelatin base...

If you haven't tried it & no one says it's NG, and *IF* I can find the bottle in my jumble of a closet (last time I looked for something there it eluded me), I'll send you a tad to try -- a gallon of gelatin took only one drop for size -- a very little goes a very long way.