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Jack and the Spray Booth

Jack, reading this & trying with no success to visualize it, I think -- PERFECT project for a pod cast...


On Tue, 28 Nov 2006, Jack Brubaker wrote:


I just sold my BIG spray booth and will now build a small one that has a
lexan see-through panel from a screen door as the front. It will be hinged
at the front top of the booth to swing up back out of the way when not
wanted. It will when vertical leave a 6 to 8 inch gap at the bottom, enough
room for me to reach under it to work with my acid bath or do small spray
jobs. The back will have a baffle with holes all over it (I will try
pegboard) to keep the velocity high at each opening and well spread out. I
hope to get by with a bathroom exhaust fan. 15 years ago I used to have a
home made booth framed up like a closet and covered with drywall. Built in
was a benchtop and a 24 inch through the wall fan with closeable louvers on
the outside. The front was about 5 feet wide and had rigid plywood panels
that could close off most of the front opening. I stood in front of the gap
between panels to shoot paint. I could move to the left or right by shifting
the panels and still keep the front opening small with good velocity past my

I'd love to hear others ideas.