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Re: venetian blinds, Epson 1280


Venetian Blinds are fairly wide lines that go in the direction the head of the printer travels.  Venetian blinds have a regular frequency to them and they are soft looking....well sorta like venetian blinds.  There is also microbanding, which is much much smaller, very sharp, and sometimes only visible with a loupe.... which do you think it is?

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In a message dated 3/2/07 9:21:20 PM, susanvoss3@gmail.com writes:

Hi Don... thanks, and yeah, I've run the head cleaning and alignment
routines and all that.  I even took the case off and did a manual
nozzle cleaning with steamy water and filter paper, etc.  Got lots of
gunk off with that, but I still get the faint horizontal lines.


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