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Re: venetian blinds, Epson 1280 and other printers

I realize that it isn't the PDN system that is doing this, it is the Epson driver. It is weird, especially since you cannot visually see that this is occuring. My only point is that it makes using the PDN approach a little more complicated for this printer. Strange stuff.
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I forgot to make one of my points—Clay, it isn't the PDN system that causes this anomoly in making digital negatives—it's the Epson printer driver—and though it occured to a very slight degree on earlier printers, it is more pronounced with the latest line of Epson printers using the K3 inks—and it may be more pronounced in the large format printers than the desktop models like the R2400.

I picked up an R2400 printer when they first came out and was baffeled to see this happening—I believe I reported it on this list when I did a review of the printer.

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Some of the Epson Printer/Driver combinations are known to print with this strange reversal in the highest density steps..... regardless of what color you use including black and white.  Some colors seem to reduce the effect.  I found this same problem on the R2400 even, but found it more pronounced on an Epson 7800 when I was working with a student in San Francisco—she had just uncrated it when I arrived.

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