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more and more and more solarplate

Dear all,
My solarplate findings for the week. I am so bummed I am leaving for Miami so I'll have to continue after spring break, but here's so far what I found:

I did a test print twice, 4 different variations of it on two different plates, so 8 in all. Curved, uncurved, different time ratios of aquatint to positive...with an image that is from very light to very dark.

First of all I have switched permanently to the KM73s which are so much more trouble free. I have settled on an aquatint exposure of 2 mn and a positive of 45 seconds (UVBL 15 watt). Good rich blacks. I found that if I exposed the aquatint at 1:30, mottling occurred in the blacks, which makes me wonder if contact is the real issue. This time I even did no baby powder on all plates and they were fine.

The 2/45 exposure needs a very minimal curve it looks like so that is my next step to calibrate one after spring break. But KM73s are so fast (sharper and thinner, too) compared to solarplate, which to me seemed to do best at 5mn/5mn most of the time.