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Re: more and more and more solarplate

I always expose screen first as well. I know of a printmaker who does it image first. He seems to feel it produces better results. I've tried it and haven't noticed a difference.

With the use of baby powder I like doing screen first -- it keeps baby powder off the screen.

Funny you mention powdering the positive Chris. I tried powdering BOTH the plate and the pictorico last night just on a whim. Very light on the image -- just taking the hake brush with residual powder and brushing lightly and quickly on the pictorico. The results look promising. I'll have to test doing just the positive next time.

Dan Welden actually showed me the 35 second scrub technique, Keith. I guess that's the way he's processing plates himself now. I was amazed such a short washout time worked as well, but even more amazed that it worked with the KM73 plates, as well as with Solarplates!
Also ran a test this week using various sprays on the OHP to see if that mitigates the patches without introducing noise or baby powder. Should have some results next week when I'm back at the press.


taylordow wrote:

I always expose the screen first, but have always believed that it makes no difference which order they're exposed in.

Also, I exposed a plate and tried Jon's method of a 35sec washout recently and was really impressed with the results. It seemed inconceivable that such a short washout would produce even development, but I may just have to change my procedure after seeing these results!


On Mar 7, 2007, at 8:06 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Next item of intererest from Diane Longely's book:
She does the aquatint exposure second. Anyone do that?
She powders the positive, not the plate; anyone do that?