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RE: Removing Dry Mounted Prints

Sounds like a sticky situation .... 

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Subject: Removing Dry Mounted Prints

I have a client that needs to remove dry mounted albumen prints from their
They began to peel from the 2 ply rag board they were dry mounted to after
handling by a framer where they additionally mounted the print and board to
a piece of foam core via unknown methods (perhaps 3M Spray Mount!) so the
print would float in the frame.  The albumen print had to be dry mounted for
the extreme curl they have.
I'm trying to advise them as best as possible but it seems they've gotten
into a real mess with the foamcore mounting.
Can the print with the foam core be put into a dry mount press to try to
re-adhere the print to it's mount?  Would there be melting or curling issues
with the foam core?
I've never used foam core other than to make light reflectors and so on and
would have advised against it if asked.