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Re: Heat-toning salt prints?


Were you working with digital negatives?

When I did the salt tests I was working only with LF in-camera negatives, and some of them may have been over-exposed by 2-3 stops, plus they had pyro stain. Some of the negatives were what we call "bullet proof", and required exposures of up to 45-60 minutes, in direct sun. When I tried to expose them with the BL tubes exposure times were eight hours or more, when they would have been about 30 minutes with carbon.


At 2:45 PM +0000 3/12/07, zphoto@montana.net wrote:
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Sandy, I exposed salt for 6 minutes or less UVBL and it was
fine, in fact, I felt it was speedier than other processes I
tried.  I also was impressed at the beauty and detail of the
process.  I bought a kit from Photographer's Formulary and I
can't remember if it had the ammonium chloride salt or not
in it, but it was a pretty stupendous process IMHO.  The
tonal range of salt rivaled pt/pd--in fact, is called Poor
Man's Platinum if I remember correctly.

As far as staining, that was so paper specific, and one had
to be sure to coat only the front or anomalies occurred--so
i brush coated the salting solution on the front--no laying
on top of the salt bath or anything.

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There are chapters on salted paper in John Barnier's Coming
into  Focus, Christopher James' The Book of Alternative
Photographic  Processes and in Richard Farber's Historic
Photographic Processes.

There is also an article here:

I experimented with salted paper some years ago but never
completely  solved the staining issue. Also, salted paper
printing requires a  very powerful light source and I found
that the sun worked much  better than a bank of BL tubes.

Sandy King

At 9:56 PM -0400 3/11/07, Joseph Smigiel wrote:
On Mar 11, 2007, at 8:41 PM, richard jones wrote:
also, anyone know of any books dedicated to the salt
printing process? ...

James Reilly, "The Albumen and Salted Paper Book" online

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