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Re: Rough Early Mid-Tones and Highlights

I ran out of Ware's a little while ago and haven't had time to cook up a new
batch so I switched to the classic cyano which I had lot's of on hand. Maybe
as Christina says the coating is too heavy, or as you pointed out it's the
paper. I always brush coat with a sponge brush and usually only use enough
to wet the paper without pooling. By way of comparison, Ware's Cyano II
gives fantastic highlights, great scale and a nicer blue too. The only
drawback to Cyano II is remembering to add the acid and making the damn
stuff -- which is a little more involved not to mention toxic.


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Subject: RE: Rough Early Mid-Tones and Highlights

> Hi Michael, it seems that you have to change your paper (since it
> doesn't work good with other iron processes too)... Which paper are you
> using?
> BTW, try New Cyanotype too -> IME, it gives better tonal gradation /
> highlights than you get with the classic formula. (Use 1 drop 40% Citric
> Acid per ml of sensitizer for papers that cause problems with New
> Cyanotype...)
> Regards,
> Loris.
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> Subject: Rough Early Mid-Tones and Highlights
> Can someone give me an explanation of why highlights and early mid-tones
> in my cyanos (and other iron processes for that matter) are not as
> smooth as the later mid-tones and shadows. It's not my negative, they're
> also rough on my stouffer wedge too. 20, 30, 40 per cent are
> consistently mottled and rough while 50 per cent onward are nice and
> smooth. I'm using 50:50 A 20%:B 10%. Thx.
> ~m