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Re: Rough Early Mid-Tones and Highlights

I see, I'm afraid you won't be able to get the same smooth gradation and delicate highlights with the classic formula -> that's completely in contrary to my experience. Developing the paper face down - putting it in the wash water a la Albumen coating - "may" help a little bit. BTW, if you don't mind more greenish results, give Weston paper a chance...

My take on the toxicity of New Cyanotype -> that's purely academic. To me, Gum and/or carbon is a lot more toxic and dangerous when compared to New Cyanotype (still safe for persons who know they materials). Just don't be casual with the sensitizer + don't try to drink it and/or add it to your meals for flavor ;)


Quoting Michael Koch-Schulte <mkochsch@shaw.ca>:

I ran out of Ware's a little while ago and haven't had time to cook up a new
batch so I switched to the classic cyano which I had lot's of on hand. Maybe
as Christina says the coating is too heavy, or as you pointed out it's the
paper. I always brush coat with a sponge brush and usually only use enough
to wet the paper without pooling. By way of comparison, Ware's Cyano II
gives fantastic highlights, great scale and a nicer blue too. The only
drawback to Cyano II is remembering to add the acid and making the damn
stuff -- which is a little more involved not to mention toxic.


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Hi Michael, it seems that you have to change your paper (since it
doesn't work good with other iron processes too)... Which paper are you

BTW, try New Cyanotype too -> IME, it gives better tonal gradation /
highlights than you get with the classic formula. (Use 1 drop 40% Citric
Acid per ml of sensitizer for papers that cause problems with New


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Subject: Rough Early Mid-Tones and Highlights

Can someone give me an explanation of why highlights and early mid-tones
in my cyanos (and other iron processes for that matter) are not as
smooth as the later mid-tones and shadows. It's not my negative, they're
also rough on my stouffer wedge too. 20, 30, 40 per cent are
consistently mottled and rough while 50 per cent onward are nice and
smooth. I'm using 50:50 A 20%:B 10%. Thx.