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RE: "Dick Stevens' book."

I read Mr. Stevens' book and have to agree, Sandy. I decided after reading the book that I'd pursue Pd Pt before kallitype. After recently reading your primer online I've decided to experiment with Kallitype as it seems like something I can tackle with the Pd skills I've developed, and it seems like an inexpensive way to experiment with the multiple exposure (8x10) panoramas I'm currently working on. Like, use the Kallitype as a "proof" to make sure you want to invest resources in a particular image or triptych.

A few general questions about kallitype:

1. Can one use the same PotOx developer used for PdPt with Kallitype or will this somehow contaminate that developer and make it less effective for PdPt. Like, if I've got a good working PotOx and want to go back and forth between Kallitype and PdPt, is that okay, or should I have separate solutions?

2. I've read conflicting views on whether Kallitypes can be a good base for Gum Over treatment.

3. Has anyone experimented with the Na2 method of contrast control that is used in PdPt printing with Kallitype? Or is the sodium incompatible?

Thank you,

Neal Wilson

From: Sandy King <sanking@clemson.edu>
One would find a very hard time taking
this book and actually learning to make kallitype prints. You might be able to do it but the trail would take you through some pretty rough and wooded terrain that might juste as well be avoided.

Sandy King