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RE: "Dick Stevens' book."

Eric wrote...

...Judy has commented that she is no platinum expert and it could be
that contributes to Dick's lack of story telling from his working notes.
Hey Eric, it could be that Judy is just stupid because she doesn't understand the meaning of the sentence above, either...

By sheer generosity, I infer two possible meanings, one that I need a "story,", the other that I would have understood the "story" if I knew platinum. Either way, oh gimme a break. Was that book title "Kallitype for people who know platinum and are good at extrapolating?"

And yes, the contradictions I cite were there. You may have missed them because, knowing platinum you were so confident you didn't sweat/check details... BUT, if you'll bet me a million dollars, I'll go find them (assuming I can find the book, which I could have sold on e-Bay or given to the thrift shop).

Meanwhile, if you can find *your* book, go read that first chapter again, and tell us whether *you* would have started a book about how to print kallitype with that nonsense.... and then get me my... well, I'll settle for 500 thou.