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Re: The Chiba System

On Fri, 23 Mar 2007, john@johnbrewerphotography.com wrote:

I see it Judy, the link is above the photograph which takes you to http://photorelief.googlepages.com/thechibasystem
Thanks John, but it gets worse... Now I can't even get to the URL. Before, I got there, but found no link, and absolutely no "photo." This time the same URL every way, plain, drinking tea, standing up, blindfolded, kneeling, and so on simply failed. Each time, instant reply: "could not be found (404)."

So I went to the stereographica auction & found the book that had a bid of $5 last week was $85 this week.... well, duh!

I think Camino is trying to tell me, "get back to work you ----. But I just heard the snail mail plunk down at our front door... Think I can find that...