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Oh wow not only does Judy out me as a Seigelista (pron.
zhee-ghel-"LIST"-ah), but Gord uses my joke in the weekly reminder -- it
must be spring here...yes...yes that definitely smells like six months worth
of dog doo thawing on a sidewalk somewhere.
 What can I say about a host so gracious she bakes a dessert in my honour.
Yum! Let me assure readers that 61 Morton Street is wall-to-wall Judy, and
sometimes floor to ceiling too. What photographer wouldn't be envious of a
"north light" glass wall/window in the studio too. What decadence! (Ok maybe
luck.) Thanks again Judy my visit was a total blast and I made the Chris
Thile show at Carnegie Hall that night with time to spare. Good call on
taking the underground rather than the overground. I'm about half-way
through reading the new book. It's a great accomplishment and a fun read
too. Before I forget Judy, many a printer have a "thick" paper setting that
can be turned on in the driver. Also, some printers allow you to drop the
back door so the media can pass through flat and not get bent by the
rollers. I'd be careful with anything above 140gsm weight.  As for my
"cockamamie" free digital negative system. It's a work in progress and
almost ready for prime time. (See www.inkjetnegative.com). It's a group
effort. The real magic is Kevin Bjorke's java program for CS2 call
ChartThrob -- click a button and the curve is made. Too easy. I'm still
trying to come to terms whether the RGB cube model is best because it's
friendlier to the computer or the HSV/B cone model is best because that's
what artists can understand. I'll tell you what I have learned in the last
couple of days (I've been literally glueing together print outs of the
arrays to make a colour cube), there're even more colours usable for setting
the proper density than I ever imagined, if you wanted to set a density of
say 1.8 logD there are literally dozens if not hundreds of hue combinations
which will produce it. The only problem is that on some printers (not all)
there may be grain issues, but at least with having so many choices you can
pick and choose judiciously. The newer Epsons seem to be fine but the older
machines are more picky about certain hues. Ah shop talk. Ok back to my life
as a hausherr...time to drag the kids away from "Treehouse" ...time to go
for a walk and smell the dog poo.


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> Looks like I'm the last to check in, &, alas the least.  Not that I didn't
> have a couple of fabulous visitors... Michael Koch-Schulte dropped by from
> Winnipeg (that's in Canada, guys, and nothing like Wyoming, the official
> home of our esteemed vice president who is actually from Texas, but
> because Pres. & VP can't be from same state, set up residence in the next
> best place) and brought me (that's Michael brought, not Dick) an utterly
> charming gum print, practically his first he claimed (which is really
> outrageous, I mean in Wyoming they could kill you for less) titled "Gum
> Cowboy, Winnipeg, 2007."
> So this photograph of a cartoony cowboy figure holding a "Westbrook Inn"
> sign, with street lamps sprouting above and below, has a surface of creamy
> dead matte.  And, contrary to the way things oughta be, perfectly
> beautiful. No gelatin (or other) size, he said, and yet, no staining.
> Hunh?
> The paper I forget, maybe a Fabriano coldpress, but the secret of the
> effect, he said is "Sam Wang's technique." That is, cyanotype for the blue
> layer, first coat.  Then yellow then red (or the other way around?  ....
> Michael?) with color seps by some cockamamie system he's working out,
> showed me the color grid for the color curve done in consultation with...
> is it OK to say Clay Harmon?  (No I'm not running for political office,
> just feel like showing that every so often I remember a name.)  Image is a
> tad over 5" by 7 inches.
> But speaking of Mr. Wang, does everybody/anybody know his "Bad Apple
> Series"? I've got TWO --- nyah, nyah. Just the concept alone is right up
> there with Martin Parr's series "The Last Parking Space," seen on
> MartinParr.com, which is SO FAR, the best website in history of the world,
> the only comfort being that Parr doesn't do gum.
> But, as I was saying the handwriting on the wall (in cyan, majenta &
> yellow) says I'm going to have to learn neg system flashed by
> Koch-Schulte, or equivalent thereof, which to put it politely, peeves me
> no end. Meanwhile, I'm suffering brain death and tantrums worthy of la
> Naomi Campbell (tho I haven't been sent to clean toilets for community
> service yet, except that may be upcoming) trying to render a website
> worthy of presidential T-shirts that informs & amuses without the STUPID
> TV TRICKS, websites seem given to.  Triple yuck.
> (Tho if word gets out that I have browser-ability, a deluge of family
> photographs will arrive, so shssssshhhh! This is not the three big faggots
> connection I've mentioned, the fellas have copped out.  Sometimes it's my
> daughter's, but when hers conks out, it's "apt.15." Sure wish I knew what
> connection & router they have --- apt.15 NEVER fails.)
> But I was seething about something else -- gum prints... other peoples.
> Carmen brought down three, HUGE, STUNNING, EXQUISITE gum prints .... self
> portraits in settings both real and devised, hard to say which the more
> magical. (She says she does have that stunning, astonishingly
> 3-dimensional-looking cover on her sofa, but I can attest does not have
> red stripes as from an American flag across her face.) She's doing color
> separations, I think she said by photo shop, but possibly with a touch
> of Mark Nelson (sorry Mark, sorry Carmen, it's the paint fumes.... Mort
> took it into his head to paint a door in the hall, & the closest I came to
> art today was mixing the grey color to match the old one.) ON TOP OF
> WHICH, Carmen cooked dinner while we mostly gabbed... pork loin with
> cherry & shallot sauce for centerpiece. I'd made an apple blitzkuchen I
> hadn't made since practically high school. (It was OK, but not its old
> wonderful self... I need to revive that golden oldie -- & more apples.)
> Carmen is a freeform gum printer, that is, despite perfectly proper color
> seps, will do maybe 11 coats... If, say, a face and arm are too pink,
> she'll put a very faint coat of, say, green, over. She also goes through a
> LOT of gum arabic, now using Daniel Smith's (which has gotten quite
> expensive, as I gather has all gum arabic ... due to the gum weevil? no,
> due to drought among the acacia trees, last I heard).
> I do trust that present encumbrances will ultimately dissolve & I will be
> tootling into the gum prints waiting in a hundred jpegs... But first, I
> have a date with the NYC Environmental Control Board, of which the
> inspectors have been playing hanky panky and, it looks like, giving us
> somebody else's tickets for... are you ready? having a piece of paper in
> the gutter on a windy day. Last month it was a paper cup in the paper
> recycling bag. I'm considering a Small Owners' Blog, or SOB, to put the
> heinousness on record, but may end up having to throw a cell phone at them
> (and I do have a derelict cell phone around here somewhere -- at least
> that would be a constructive destruction). There's also the fire
> department, being noble, protecting us from not having our sprinklers
> inspected every 25 minutes...  I wonder if you could develop a gum print
> via sprinkler system?  (Yes it's affected my mind. Fortunately, I type
> fast.)
> One other thing... if anyone is still reading... what's the heaviest paper
> you can put through an inkjet printer... I want to copy some dirty
> washers, cut them out and paste them on my kitchen cabinet knobs. Echt
> '30s look, amazing.
> enough?  enough !
> cheers?
> cheers,
> Judy