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Re: Is there a way to save old cyanotype paper?

Spike, in my experience you can't save the old coating, but even if it leaves a tone after washing, you can save the paper. Ammonia, sodium carbonate, et al are cyanotype bleaches, used in several "bleach & redevelop" formulas... If tone remains, sodium carb or whatever should clear it... just like folks said. Just don't dip it in tea afterwards, that will give new stain.

You might want to resize the paper, however, if you do harsh things to it.
Cyanotype does't like a gelatin size, IME, but maybe starch?


On Tue, 27 Mar 2007, Spike MacGee wrote:

Hi all!
Thank you for all your advice... so, the conclusion is that there is
no way to save the paper WITH the coating on it? I just basically
rinse it off with the chemical and then re-coat it? Did i understand
this right?
Thanks again all you helpful people!