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HSB-Array Density Stepwedge

Those of you who showed an interest in calibrating your digital negative
densities using my RNP-Arrays (Oh and I know there were quite a few of you
on the list who downloaded it and never told me ;^)) might also be
interested in my latest density by colour tester. This one's based on
Newton's colour wheel and uses the HSB colour model. The HSB model clearly
shows the relationship between adjacent colours and the way it affects
density. I'm interested in seeing the printed-alt-process-paper output for
whatever process you're using (carbon for instance is still a complete
mystery?). So, if you want to further the cause of an open source digital
negative system please e-mail me a copy so I can get a look at the density
patterns which form on your particular printer-process-paper combination.

http://www.inkjetnegative.com/images/RNP/rnp.htm (scroll down to the middle
of the page)