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Re: Polymer Photogravure blarchive

I agree, Jon.  Clay, I am able to get at least 7 stops.

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From: Jon Lybrook <jon@terabear.com>
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Subject: Re: Polymer Photogravure blarchive
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2007 15:48:12 -0600

>Heh...I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that.
> ;-)
>I'm actually able to get 31 (+ white) distinct steps with
>the KM73  plates using a custom screen.  I should probably
>post a scan of a  printed step wedge to my procedure
>sometime to prove it to the  non-believers.  More is likely
>possible, but it's tough to know when to  draw the line. 
>31 seems to get me pretty much where I want to be.
>Best wishes,
>wcharmon@wt.net wrote:
>> Oops. I thought that was off-list. Cryptic enough?
>>> Thanks! I think that may be all I need to at least give
>>> it a shot. It looks like the DR of the KM73 plate is 11
>>> steps, or 11*.15=1.65. That sounds consistent with what
>>> I was doing last summer in a traditional copper gravure
>>> workshop I took with Jon Goodman. In that workshop, we
>aimed for interpositives with highlights at 0.5 and shadows
>>> at 2.0 for a nice complete full range etch. Do you like
>>> having some 'tooth' in your highlights? That is one of
>>> the advantages we are finding for this particular
>approach: you can easily create a curve that puts some ink
>>> and texture even in the thinner areas of the inkjet
>>>> Just came across this archive of info on someone's
>>>> website who was studying Polymer Photogravure.  It
>>>> appears to be something of a combined blog and archive,
>>>> hence, blarchive.   Didn't really examine the core
>website too much, but this doc seems to be a nice
>>>> smattering of people's experiences with the KM73 plates
>>>>, Solarplates, etc. 

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