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Re: Polymer Photogravure blarchive

Hey Chris,

Forgive my ignorance...do Steps in a step wedge correlate as Stops (as in F-stops)???


zphoto@montana.net wrote:
I agree, Jon.  Clay, I am able to get at least 7 stops.

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Heh...I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that.

I'm actually able to get 31 (+ white) distinct steps with
the KM73  plates using a custom screen.  I should probably
post a scan of a  printed step wedge to my procedure
sometime to prove it to the  non-believers.  More is likely
possible, but it's tough to know when to  draw the line. 
31 seems to get me pretty much where I want to be.


Best wishes,

wcharmon@wt.net wrote:
Oops. I thought that was off-list. Cryptic enough?

Thanks! I think that may be all I need to at least give
it a shot. It looks like the DR of the KM73 plate is 11
steps, or 11*.15=1.65. That sounds consistent with what
I was doing last summer in a traditional copper gravure
workshop I took with Jon Goodman. In that workshop, we
aimed for interpositives with highlights at 0.5 and shadows
at 2.0 for a nice complete full range etch. Do you like
having some 'tooth' in your highlights? That is one of
the advantages we are finding for this particular
approach: you can easily create a curve that puts some ink
and texture even in the thinner areas of the inkjet
Just came across this archive of info on someone's
website who was studying Polymer Photogravure.  It
appears to be something of a combined blog and archive,
hence, blarchive.   Didn't really examine the core
website too much, but this doc seems to be a nice
smattering of people's experiences with the KM73 plates
, Solarplates, etc. 



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