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Re: solarplate wedgies

I'm getting the rings in Pt/Pd as is Clay (though I think he's about to start solar plate). Sandy was not doing solarplate (I don't remember which process he said he was seeing them) and did not have a large problem with them showing up in his final print, but graciously helped us work through the problem.

The trick is to take a piece of clear mylar, spray it with satin polyurethane finish, and tape it to the underside of your glass. I'm finishing printing for an upcoming show so I've resorted to using my contact printing frame sitting on top of the vacuum frame underneath the NuArc light source, but will be trying this or the Kreene out once I'm finished with these images.


On 4/3/07, Christina Z. Anderson <zphoto@montana.net> wrote:
Thanks for the tip.  I can't find the time to go back over all the messages
on hybrid right now, so one quick question:  what processes were people
having Newton rings with--solarplate or other alt as well?  I did not know
Sandy was doing solarplate, nor Clay, so it is happening with other
processes, too?!