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Re: solarplate wedgies

I hesitate to mention this, being so far out of my depth with the arcane science of solar plate (and promising never never EVER to do it should I live to be 2005), but I wonder about something and figured what the hay, nobody around here knows me & who cares, anyway, so....

A long long time ago when I had newton ring problems contact exposing 2 sheets of film in a vacuum frame, I did as we did in those days (soooo last century) & took the mustard colored squeeze bottle out of the kitchen cabinet, filled it with.... don't remember if it was baby powder or cornstarch... did a poof at a safe distance (as we used to do in acquatint) and... voila. The spray was so fine you hardly saw it except you'd watched it fall (& it did cover a fairly wide area),,,,, but for that reason maybe was quite even, and solved the problem completely.

I suppose this isn't adequate for current problem, or someone would have done it. But as I visualize smearing the powder on with a brush.... and the added spraying (which always gets me in the lungs) I wonder if it's been tried ?