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RE: km73 plate with finer stochastic screen

Nice print, lovely couple! :)

In my monitor, the polymer print lacks the specular highlights -> A
scanning artifact? Because of paper base? ... or ... Is this just normal
for photopolymer?

I wish printing presses were not that much expensive. I found a dealer
that stocks KM73 plates in Istanbul, now I have to find a school w/ a
printing press... Considering the cheap price for imagesetter negatives
here, I will probably try photopolymer process later (for making


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Subject: km73 plate with finer stochastic screen

Hi All,

Here's a scan of an intaglio print I made today using the 1800 dpi 
stochastic screen, side-by-side with a scan of the original silver 
print.  This is using the 2nd iteration of the compensation curve I've 
been developing for my workflow with the 7800.  Not without room for 
improvement, but getting close!  No adjustments were made to the 16bit 
RGB scan of the intaglio print, other than converting it to jpg.  
Auto-adjust was turned off in the scanner settings.

Please let me know what you think, and if you have any questions not 
already addressed in my on-line procedure.

Comparison:  http://terrabear.com/procedures/comparison.html

Procedure:  http://terrabear.com/procedures/polymer_photogravure.html