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Re: Powdered pigments?

Hi Jacek,

As I said in my offline, gum arabic can hold all sorts of powdered pigment.
The colours may not be quite as smooth as tube paint, but it all depends
what you want your print to look like. I don't know about plant pigments,
but that wonderful Australian red earth should make great prints. How about
a landscape of the area you pick the earth up from? I have a colour gum
print of a town in Umbria where the red pigment came from a ditch a couple
of miles up the road.



On 13/4/07 10:14, "Jacek" <gonsaj@iinet.net.au> wrote:

> Hey all,
> Thanks guys for the info. Yeah I was just curious if it were at all possible
> to use the pan's in the first place. I'll stick to the tubes for now and play
> around later with the pans.
> One idea I did have was to use the Australian environment, plants, rocks/sand
> to makes pigments, as there are a few courses taught here on how to make dyes
> and pigments from just that. So I made a parallel with the pans, wondering if
> anyone delved into using it for gum printing, as I couldnt find any info out
> on the net. So ultimately the Australian bush/environment would be part of the
> actual print. 
> Perhaps i'm dreaming, and as my old man says, I should really walk before
> running :)
> Thanks
> Jacek