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Re: Powdered pigments?


As many others have said before gum is a rather subjective medium and we all
find our own way to work. Although I don't choose to work with natural
pigments myself I have seen lovely examples from those who have

One of the benefits of working with tubes is the simplicity and the ease of
establishing consistency - which is useful when you are starting and
exploring gum variables. I also wanted to add that in my experience Arches
paper has variable quality and the issues you describe I have also found -
the reason I no longer use this paper. Fabriano Artisco is a preferred
choice as it is reliably consistent, though the NOT surface is not suitable
for all images.

Hamish Stewart


On 13/4/07 11:37, "Henry Rattle" <henry.rattle@ntlworld.com> wrote:

> Hi Jacek,
> As I said in my offline, gum arabic can hold all sorts of powdered pigment.
> The colours may not be quite as smooth as tube paint, but it all depends
> what you want your print to look like. I don't know about plant pigments,
> but that wonderful Australian red earth should make great prints. How about
> a landscape of the area you pick the earth up from? I have a colour gum
> print of a town in Umbria where the red pigment came from a ditch a couple
> of miles up the road.
> Best
> Henry
> On 13/4/07 10:14, "Jacek" <gonsaj@iinet.net.au> wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> Thanks guys for the info. Yeah I was just curious if it were at all possible
>> to use the pan's in the first place. I'll stick to the tubes for now and play
>> around later with the pans.
>> One idea I did have was to use the Australian environment, plants, rocks/sand
>> to makes pigments, as there are a few courses taught here on how to make dyes
>> and pigments from just that. So I made a parallel with the pans, wondering if
>> anyone delved into using it for gum printing, as I couldnt find any info out
>> on the net. So ultimately the Australian bush/environment would be part of
>> the
>> actual print. 
>> Perhaps i'm dreaming, and as my old man says, I should really walk before
>> running :)
>> Thanks
>> Jacek