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Re: AIPAD show


I was there at AIPAD on Saturday with a couple of friends and students of 

To me the best treat was to be able to see Autochrome at Hans P. Kraus. I 
have seen images of Autochrome online, but never seen in real life. I just 
think the colors are lovely. I always like their calender too.

I also saw Japanese Ambrotype in kiri-wood casing at Charles Schwartz. They 
are from a transitional period between feudal and modern society when Japan 
was rapidly "modernizing." You can see examples of the cases in "History of 
Japanese Photography" from Yale University Press.

There was a couple of Gum prints by Esteban Pastorino Diaz at Photographs 
Do Not Bend in Dallas. They were done on a black paper with white layers. I 
thought they are pretty neat: http://www.photographsdonotbend.com/artists/

Also, I finally had a chance to take a look at George Tice's 20x24 pt/pd 
print. I read somewhere that these prints were made at a lab in Belgium, 
and it was really nice.

I liked some of Scott Davis's pt/pd prints from his 16x20 camera. These are 
night shots of L. A. With this size of camera, images tend to be rather 
static, but some of his images were more fluid and moody.

At Gallery 19th/21st, I saw color prints of Yutaka, Matsumoto, a Japanese 
photographer. I would assume they were traditional c-pints and quite 
exquisite. I tried to search his name, but he seems to be working in Paris 
and I could not read description in French except for some shows he did in 
Japan. If you happen to know his work, please let me know.

Last but not least, as someone mentioned earlier, I also liked Patti Smith'
s small silver prints. Time for small prints is coming?


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