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Re: Users of digital negatives

I don't know how many responses you're getting but I'd be willing to help
you out. If not for digital negatives I would have never attempted getting
into alt processes. What do you need to know?


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Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2007 5:18 PM
Subject: Users of digital negatives

> HI All,
> I am writing a short paper (to be followed by a longer paper later this
> year) on the breadth and possibilities of the digital printer and would
> to include information about photographers and artists who use digital
> negatives to make fine prints. I am keen to include the names of both
> who print images for famous photographers and the famous photographer.
> other ideas, I want to make an argument for digital printers having
> alternative or ancient processes such as platinum, carbon, for example,
> made them more accessible.
> I had thought there were a few people on this list who do fine prints for
> others, as well as making their own work, which is why I am posting this
> request.
> If you can help me out and would rather post to me personally - that's
> I'd be most greatful for names - and any other contribution around the
> subject of the analogue/digital mix that so many of us are involved in.
> many thanks in advance
> Catherine