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Users of digital negatives

HI All,

I am writing a short paper (to be followed by a longer paper later this
year) on the breadth and possibilities of the digital printer and would like
to include information about photographers and artists who use digital
negatives to make fine prints. I am keen to include the names of both those
who print images for famous photographers and the famous photographer. Among
other ideas, I want to make an argument for digital printers having expanded
alternative or ancient processes such as platinum, carbon, for example, and
made them more accessible.

I had thought there were a few people on this list who do fine prints for
others, as well as making their own work, which is why I am posting this

If you can help me out and would rather post to me personally - that's fine.
I'd be most greatful for names - and any other contribution around the
subject of the analogue/digital mix that so many of us are involved in.

many thanks in advance