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Re: Newbie Gum fun Continued

On Tue, 24 Apr 2007, trevor cunningham wrote:

Been following this. I've done a gum or two and am not encouraged by the results. I'm interested in the whole sizing element. I know many papers come already sized, but either the sizing is inadequate for gums or it is lost in the shrinking process. When sizing, it's dipped into the gelatin, then a seperate hardener bath? or hardener is mixed with the gelatin solution?
Trevor, as I just remarked offlist to Jacek, "experts" disagree.... more about gum than about anything else except horse races. But the shrinking process, that is pre-wetting, raises the nap of the paper,which has usually been smoothed in the making, by at least cold press if not hot press, so that unless you then re-size it will catch the gum/pigment & never let it go... Or will do that in many cases.

As for separate hardener bath, I insist on it, many folks don't, and (rashly IMO) combine it with the gelatin -- probably one reason for different observations about many facets of the medium. Oh, and whether to vat size or brush size. IMO, the vat sizing is more even, and more saturating, hence generally better. Others disagree.

If you want to go by what somebody -- especially some gabby stranger across the ocean who could for all you know be a female-impersonating homicidal maniac who never did a gum print in his life -- claims, instead of testing for yourself, in your conditions of humidity, temperature, air pollution and lighting, not to mention paper, paints,gum arabic, and light (among other variables), can I stop you?