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Yup I did; if you remember the convo about this from a couple years back, not only did I soak it, I soaked it ALL DAY. No budge.
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I also had a funny--a former student donated her alt supplies to the department and in there was a stack of sized paper hardened with glyoxal (former professor's method) and it was butterscotch yellow, I kid you not, so if you use glyoxal as a size hardener, be sure to use the paper right away to prevent this. Or do Judy's method of sizing and hardening and then rinsing it. The former professor did teach a separate hardener bath, even, but this still produced crummy paper. Go to this URL and scroll down and see what yellowing looks like.

About the 10th image down is a comparison of yellowing. I know, this page is not a "pretty sight" but Jacek can also see spotty Arches paper on here, too, that I photographed through my kitchen screen door to show the translucent spots, and the perils of using too hot water to shrink, etc. etc. including a downloadable free gum process paper.

Christina.... did you try soaking that "butterscotch" paper? I've found that generally speaking just leaving it face down in room temp plain water for an hour or a day does get it back to white...