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RE: Unknown areas in Gum printing?, etc.

What I think about the subject is below (quoting myself):

"...if you think you absolute need sizing (which is another thing to
consider - since there are gum printers who don't size at all) then
you'd better harden the sizing - since Judy said (along with others) "it
is possible *with the right combination of materials*"... Won't you
agree it's better to lessen the "unknowns/parameter" when starting!?..."

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And if you're going to insist on weighing in on that argument, are  
you prepared to support the insupportable idea that an unhardened  
gelatin size can't work "because, OF COURSE, the am di in the gum/ 
pigment mix LOVED the unhardened gelatin and hardened that into a  
nice complete layer, too."?   Perhaps you should have quit while you  
were ahead.